Is a Battery Backup Sump Pump Crucial For The Home Basement

Now that the rains are upon us consider the everyday problems of excess water resulting in floods and landslides in hilly areas. Sophisticated apartment blocks with advanced technology still get flooded regularly in the basement. Low lying areas in villages, farms, and fields would experience the worst of it. Concrete structures and tarred roads can keep out water unless it is damage from very heavy flooding.

How will water damage be prevented in time? Sump pumps are godsends indeed that can quickly pump out the accumulated water that would otherwise wreck concrete walls and floors if allowed to stagnate. How does it work? The sensor attached is sensitive to water levels, and once a certain level is reached, the sump pump is configured to switch on automatically. Even when the family is away on vacation, the sump pump is still going strong.

Power outages come in the way

Everyday experiences indicate that power and water supply go through periodic disruptions. Just imagine the scenario when the basement is full of water, and the lack of electricity prevents the sump pump from working? What is the solution? A battery backup sump pump would provide the perfect answer. It would work in the absence of electricity too with a charging battery just like on the mobile phone. Some models have reminders and chargers as a result of which the battery remains fully charged at all times. No worry about that.

You need to install a second backup pump in addition to the primary sump pump. In the event of a mighty storm, resulting in a power blackout, the prime sump pump is out of action. The battery backup pump starts working when the water level reaches a certain height, which means safety for the basement and the building. The foundation of the building may suffer water and structural damage from the accumulated water. A battery backup sump pump is arranged such that the water is diverted elsewhere, perhaps into the neighborhood drainage system or into ponds and lakes. Ensure, thus the safety of the expensive home if such an excess water danger does exist.

Many sizes, prices, manufacturers, and configurations of battery backup pumps are available. What about a WAYNE WSS30V Sump Pump System with a 75 AMP, 12-volt battery?

Better install late than regret losses

Many common-sense safety devices are neglected by homeowners who learn bitter lessons when they suffer huge expenses over damages and repairs. The same principle applies to health concerns and automobile or traffic systems where timely small investments could have prevented significant problems that mean colossal expense.

Easy installation and almost no maintenance of such pumps are an advantage. The problem of rainwater comes only during a particular season, and some areas suffer from drought. Sloping areas carry water away towards other people’s property. Assess all the factors and come to the right decision. Make sure that the battery would be able to cope with power outages and will not run out. An appropriate backup system would meet the home or office demands. A discussion with the dealers and engineers would clear up the mysteries as to which method is needed among st a wide variety available.